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A test by Jeff Cook reveals unusual action of open flame to a magnetic field provided by a specially wound coil powered only by a 9 volt battery. Update 09-24-2003: Jeff Cook provides construction details of his experiment!

UPDATE: 11-09-2003: View new Apple QuickTime movie of recent flame attraction experiment by Jeff Cook. GO: FLAME

Technological News Breakthrough — Programmable Atoms! (July 22, 2003) New technology breakthrough using 'Quantum Dots' on silicon substrate allows for manipulation of matter into virtually any form. Read about new technology that may apply directly to quantum vehicle propulsion in a paper I presented to the 2003 NASA STAIF conference by the same name.


Paper (11-28-2001):A Grand Unification Theory Available From Michael Spirit, who has offered excerpts from his new book, The Grand Universe of Primary Consciousness. Very good graphics and is well written. Document is in pdf format.

Paper: Steve Burns' paper on rotating electrogravitational field propulsion. (07-03-2001). Well presented.


Paper: (09-24-99): UFO Build Engineered By Steve Burns Based On Chapter 7 Of My E-Book.


(07-20-2000) Newspaper news bulletin (copy) of recent measurements indicate that light pulses travel faster than light itself.

GO: Fast Pulse