The following news copy indicates new results as recently reported by the science journal Nature concerning light pulses that travel faster than the velocity of light in free space.

In my opinion, It is a crack in the door of truth as to the nature of field action that occurs outside of the mechanics of the ordinary and thus accepted photon or light wave mechanics.

Above copy from Medford Oregon Mail Tribune, 07-20-2000

Also, in my opinion, it is very likely that the photon is the most limiting case for energy and force transfer* and that self limiting 'allowed' interpretation has served the establishment well concerning the hiding of the real truth as to the mechanics of gravity and faster than light communications. I also suspect that it was the incorrect interpretation, (an incorrect interpretation which has been repeatedly reinforced over time), of the Michelson-Morley experiment that has set back advancements in field theory at least a hundred years, maybe more.  Jerry E. Bayles.

*-- A photon or electromagnetic wave is by definition real power which means that the E and B components are in phase time wise but spatially offset from each other and the common direction of travel by 90 degrees. Thus both the permeability and permittivity of free space must be common to the mechanics thereof which then sets the maximum velocity at the velocity of light in free space. In contrast, a standing wave has the E and B fields out of phase by 90 degrees (time wise). Therefore, the permeability and permittivity are no longer part of the mechanics of the standing wave (at least not at the same time) which allows for an infinitely fast wave. This is probably why the work of Nikola Tesla has been suppressed for these many years. It also would explain why we have not heard from the extraterrestrials as they likely would not use ordinary electromagnetic waves for communication. Too slow and inefficient. This begs the question, "is the public space program only a cover for the truth?" Time will tell. -- J. E. Bayles.