July 22, 2003

A relatively new discovery has led to a tecnological breakthrough which may almost immediately have a major influence in
matter and/or mass control. The book, "Hacking Matter," by Wil McCarthy, Basic Books, 2003, presents in detail the exciting
new science of programming artificial "atoms" to create literally any form of matter synthetically. This new form of matter
is created by using three dimensional "quantum dot" technology. Wil reports that at least 80 laboratories around the world
are currently investigating and advancing this new technology. I must admit that until I read this new book referenced above,
I was completely unaware of this new technology and related quantum physics breakthrough.

The discovery was made while investigating linear conduction of electrons in doped silicon 'wires' when someone decided to
make a well of electrons by restricting them to a nano-scale dot of material on a substrate of etched silicon. What was
discovered is that the dot demonstrated quantum characteristics similar to real atoms. Further, changing the amount of
electrons by increasing or decreasing the applied potential increased or decreased the resulting atomic number of the
resulting quasi-atom. It is of interest that standing waves related to probability wave functions are the result which is
why the quantum dots act like real atoms and thus can be used to program walls to become windows or metal to become non-
metal in practically unlimited shapes. For instance, it may be possible to have an insulator become a high temperature
superconductor and even have such devices as variable strength magnets that have no windings.

I am excited by the news for another reason. This new technology directly validates my concept of using charged "dots"
etched on the surface of a UFO style craft to form rotating mass-fields that would cause the craft to propagate itself in
quantum fashion much like an electron follows its probability wave through energy barriers such as a transistor junction or
in the tunnel diode.

In my book, "Electrogravitation As A Unified Field Theory,", available for downloading in
Adobe PDF format, I present this concept of quantum-dot mass-field generation and control in three chapters:

Chapter 6: "Field Mass Generation And Control," p.116.
Chapter 7: "Electrogravitational Craft Propulsion And Control," p. 124.
Chapter 8: "The Fluxoid Quantum And Electrogravitational Dynamics," p.139.

Directly related and a more recent publication is my paper "Quantum Vehicle Propulsion," presented Feb. 04, 2003  at the
NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Forum 2003 STAIF Conference in Albuquerque, New Mexico. This paper is also available for
reading and download at the web site referenced above. Therein, I detail the mechanics of phase-shifting quantum standing
waves to cause a craft emulating a macro-scale electron to jump through space much as the electron does. Further, how
unlimited amounts of energy can be tapped into from energy space, which is the same space that supplied the original Big
Bang and also supplies the refresh energy for atomic losses due to entropy at the quantum realm. I detail how this quantum
entropy is responsible for gravity and how refreshing quantum matter from energy space is responsible for dark matter and
also negative energy that causes expansion of the Universe at a non-linear rate, which is characteristic of the gravi-
tational force itself.

The book referenced above "Hacking Matter" is available from Scientific American Book club which is where I obtained my own
copy. I am expecting great advancements in materials science and transportation from this new technology.

Jerry E. Bayles
I am reminded that silicon dioxide is common to most rocks and sand. It is in the stones of the pyramids as well as the coral
in Edward Leedskalnin's coral castle. Another example is the quartz crystal of the Kowski-Frost experiment. Those of you
who are familiar with the recent investigations on my web site and the related links are aware that levitation or energy
extraction is connected with stones or crystals all having a form of silicon dioxide. The individual molecules of Silicon
Dioxide may quite easily form quantum dots and thus form matter waves that are quantum field controllable.

I also remember reading somewhere that the "skin" of a UFO sample appeared to have a metallic yet crystalline form.

The evidence mounts in favor of what is the route to gravitational control along with direct energy extraction.
J. E. Bayles