Jerry E. Bayles

Energy is everything. It is in everything we see and in fact, it is the carrier of information that conveys to us the information concerning what it is that we can see. It exists on the macroscopic and quantum scale. There are many different forms of energy but the question of what is energy begs an answer. Further, what is inertia, which is tied in some way to energy, is still a mystery. What I propose in the following postulate is likely just this one man's interpretation.

In my book "Electrogravitation As A Unified Field Theory", I postulated that mass, starting  on the quantum scale, was the result of standing wave energy so that it would not radiate away the particle's energy. This is extended to the nature of the orbitals of the atoms where the orbitals also have a standing wave character  in discrete energy  multiples connected with whole variable integer's. Further, I showed that energy was time gated into the real universe (our universe) so that the extremely huge energy in energy space (apart from normal space) was transformed to the energy that is the field energy of our basic particles such as the electron, proton, etc.

Then photons are electromagnetic energy particles that have the electric and magnetic fields in phase in time but 90 degrees to each other and the direction of travel. Unfortunately, much of physics as now written is based on the understanding of the universe as seen with the aid of photons. A bare 3 and 1/2 cycles in frequency range of the entire spectrum of radiation.

The "Big Bang" is the creation event of our universe and I suggest that the energy space that input the tremendous energy that created our universe still is there. In fact, it may still be providing the energy that establishes electric fields around electrons and protons and cause electrons and other particles to seem to be in more than one place at once. In our normal space, the field, (via David Bohm's quantum potential Q),  then determines the nature of space. The so called 'fabric' of space may then be called energy space, which is apart from our normal space.

This fits in nicely with Professor David Bohm's idea of the self energy of the electron that is controlled by a pilot wave of probability, much like a grid of a triode tube controls the current in the plate. A very small amount of energy (potential) controls a very large current (energy). Then from a standing wave, the electron supports its field (via the scalar electric potential) instantaneously out to as far as it has to using its own energy tap to energy space and this is seen as its electrostatic field. It is actually the electron displaced to a distant point and there it exists for a time less than its Compton time and in relation to that  time, a time also inversely proportional to the displacement distance.

This makes every particle intimately connected to all other particles in the universe through the common coupling via energy space. Further, it suggests that all matter existence is updated like the clock strokes from a computer update the actions on the I/O buss. If it were to not update for a thousand years, would we know it?

I now propose that if a particle be acted on by a force so that particle is seen to change its energy level, then that particle must have some time allowed to update the information to energy space so that it may be supported in its energy requirements to be in that new energy state in our normal space. This time lag is inertia. That is, the resistance we feel when we try to move an object by pushing on it is due to the lag in time that the object will move to a new position. This lag in time can be termed delta t.

All field action involving transfer of energy has delta t in the equation somewhere. This applies to motion in general where of a particle position is changed for instance. Mere linear constant velocity motion involves no change in inertia and uniform circular motion likewise involves no change in inertia. Acceleration for instance involves delta t and a non uniform change in either linear or circular motion is a result. With charged particles, this causes radiation by means of  the photon field. This is another way of saying that the standing wave particle field is converted for a time into a non standing wave field through the process of acceleration via delta t.

The standing wave energy field in the particle has the electric and magnetic components separated in time and spatially by 90 degrees but the net vector motion in space is zero. The photon has the electric and magnetic components in phase time wise at zero degrees but separated spatially by 90 degrees. The net motion is in one direction at the velocity of light.

If there was a creation event, then there is a creator. There is a God. There is no shame in believing in God. There is no shame in him. He is after all, God.

Sometimes one must look deeper into what seems understandable as it is. Take for instance the nursery rhyme,  "Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers". Have you ever wondered haw a bush could support peppers that were already pickled? You would be surprised about how many people have simply repeated that limerick and went on about their business never questioning the logic in it. So it is in present day physics. It does not have to be extremely complicated and have oodles of dimensions to work.

God may be very clever in his design but not necessarily overly complicated. Also, since he created the dice that Einstein referred to in his objection to the probability theory, he can throw or not throw them. It is his choice.  -- Jerry E. Bayles.