The below links allow for downloads of UFO video clips that have been recorded from various sources, primarily public educational television.

1.  Russian Commercial Electrogravitational Human Transporter.
Recorded 1998 on The Learning Channel. These mpg clips shows a Russian build craft using alien technology that was built for commercial transport of human beings soon after the millenium and designed to be controlled by human pilots.

The very germain question is: What happened to the craft since it is not in puplic operation as of now? Or, is it being used but only for certian people?

RusUFO01     10.5 MB                    RusUFO02     4.09 MB                      RusUFO03     5.72 MB

2.  NASA Broken Teather UFO footage.
Recorded  April 27, 2000, titled : "UFO's: The Best Footage Caught On Tape." This is the famous broken teather incident widly reported on the web which shows many huge UFO's gathering around the broken and glowing teather as it floats away from the shuttle. The pulstating spiral fields around the UFO's are very interesting since my own work presents the possibility of free energy being available from the Hydrogen atom and further that the energy is related directly to the natural number e, which is the basis of the natural spiral as well as the Golden Ratio. The second video, "UFOStone.mpg," describes how ancient stones, carved exactly like the UFO's in the teather incident, were found on top of a mountain in China in 1938. Did the ancient stone carvers have first hand knowledge of these UFO's?

UFOField   13.89 MB                      UFOStone      9.66 MB
3. Oregon  UFO sighting near Sun River Resort.
Recorded August 03, 2008. The UFO shows the typical dark field projections around the craft which indicate a very strong field of action. The center of the craft is very bright plasma due to the intensity of the surrounding dark field projections. UFO's still appear in our skys as proof that we are not alone.

OregonUFO.mpg    18,181,670 Bytes