Tornado Dynamics
Jerry E. Bayles
Sept. 03, 2006

The below graphic illustrates my conceptual view of how tornados gain energy from the motion of the Earth and the associated air mass moving through a stationary magnetic field. The magnetic field is stationary relative to the motion of the Earth much as for the case of the Faraday disk.
Note: See: for relevant test of the basic principles.


The above graphic suggests a method by which a generator may be built to harness the same energy available that drives a tornado. An enclosed volume having a high static electric field in a North (negative)-South (positive) alignment as well as a vertically oriented positive pole rising to a negative pole magnetic field should cause air to begin to rotate counter-clockwise around the magnetic field and heating that same air (causing it to rise) with a solar source should increase the dynamics accordingly. The air leaving the top of the space could turn a fan connected to a generator.

Quoted from page 19 of my previous online paper at  is the following text:

"During my amateur radio days I remember that something happened while erecting an inverted-"v" type
of antenna that at the time was quite startling and perhaps even dangerous to my life. I was standing on a
flat asphalt covered roof on a one story dwelling and was lifting a three section mast above my head in
preparation to putting the bottom over the side of the roof to the ground. Each section of the mast was of
thin galvanized steel pipe about 2 inches in diameter and close to 8 feet in length. The mast was aligned
North-South with the base towards the North. The 12 gauge hard drawn copper antenna wires were
attached at the top which was behind me to the South by 1 inch PVC pipe insulators about 8 inches in
length for each element. Each wire was about 5 meters long so as to represent a quarter wavelength in
each wire in the 20 meter Ham band. The bottom of each wire was also connected to 8 inch PVC 1/2 inch
plastic pipe insulators to eyebolts at the corners of the roof. The angle between the antenna wires was
close to 90 degrees apart and I was aiming for a rise of each wire slope to be about 45 degrees.
When the mast was within a few inches of the edge of the roof in front of me, I suddenly heard a crackling
sound and simultaneously observed a bright white flame of electrical energy between the mast bottom
and the aluminum flashing around the roof. The mast was about 8 feet above the roof at the top end
behind me. I was centered at the middle of the mast and wearing rubber gloves which may have helped to
keep me from becoming electrocuted. There were no power lines anywhere near me but the amount of
electrical energy I witnessed passing between the bottom of the mast and the roof flashing was very
substantial. Anyway, realizing I should do something to stop the arcing, I set the mast bottom directly on
the flashing and slid the mast over the side as quickly as possible. The arcing stopped as soon as the
mast bottom physically contacted the flashing. I later determined that the flashing was grounded to Earth

When I first started my career in electronics I remember reading bulletins about persons being killed by
electrocution while erecting antenna masts. Most of the cases involved contact with powerlines.
However there were a few reports of people being electrocuted and yet there were no adjacent power
lines nor were there any thunder storms nearby. In light of what I have presented above concerning
tapping into energy associated with the energy reduction by the complex fine structure constant and its
association to the golden ratio, I am forced to conclude that I may have inadvertently tuned into just the
right geometry to induce power into the hollow cavity of the mast by creating a form of Helmholtz
resonator/electrical generator as described above. The inverted "v" antenna may have acted as a
top-loading effect to help build the field between the top of the mast and ground at the aluminum
flashing. The North-South orientation alignment of the mast as described above matches the fact that the
Grand Gallery of the Great Pyramid at Giza also is aligned North-South. The inverted "v" resembles a
pyramid but having only one face.

I also remember that some of the fellow amateur radio operators reported that the signal from my
transmitter was very much stronger than expected at their location since The transmitter was only 50
watts and not using a beam or high forward gain type of antenna. This was factoring in the distance from
me to them and based on their experience over the years from reception from my area. Perhaps the
inverted V type of antenna actually amplified the power in the antenna in the manner described above."

The above suggests another possible method of energy generation which relies on the fixed magnetic field of the Earth interacting with the moving antenna mast as described above to generate power.

Finally, I remember during the famous Space Shuttle tether incident when the tether shorted and then blew apart near the feed point of the tether. The explanation was that the tether and attached satellite generated far more current and voltage than was expected. This may be tied directly to the same principles as occur for the Faraday disk wherein the magnetic field of the Earth is stationary in space. Thus, the relative motion of the shuttle and tether was far faster than anticipated by NASA.

At my web site at, click on:

The above link is an Adobe Acrobat file. Scroll down to eq. (19) and that equation models tornado action. By manipulation of the parameters within the cross-product brackets, all of the questions in the "Tornado" paper at the link: can be answered. That makes a very convincing argument for the validity of my double cross-product approach concerning not only the mechanics of tornado action but the electrogravitational action which is fundamental to the tornado energy build-up and decay dynamics.

With eq. 19, you can model the wind blowing, the skipping of tornados when they touch the ground, why high and low pressures exist in the absence of tornados and how tornados can be generated from these pressure gradients. Also, why tornados radiate electromagnetic energy.

The action bracket at the far left in eq. 29 is in the units of Plank's constant. The product of Plank's constant times the magnetic permeability of free space times the circular field strength in Tesla taken as a cross-product with the E field parameters in volt/meter is summed up in eq. (29).

I postulate that there is an energy gain from the electric field inside of the tornado air column supplied by bare positive ions at the surface of the inner wall of the tornado in much the same fashion as the energy gain from the bare Hydrogen proton that I have theorized to exist in a previous paper.

See:, "Hydrogen As A free Energy Source Defines A New Universe," pp. 26-42 inclusive of "Negative Energy And Positive Pressure," pp 38-42.

Therefore, little energy, if any, is subtracted from the ambient electric and magnetic field of the Earth.

Concerning energy gain from the bare proton electric field, I refer the reader to a relatively new book, "Occult Ether Physics" by William Lyne. Specifically, pp 81-105 wherein he details the amazing energy latent in the difference between the dissociation energy of H2 to H1 and the recombination energy which is huge in comparison. That fact supports and agrees with my conceptual presentation in the above link paper of the free field of the proton building over time once liberated from the normally bound electron.

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Jerry E. Bayles