The Mechanics of the Classic Gravitational
Constant in terms of the Electrogravitational Action

This paper deals not only with the mechanics of electrogravitation but presents the case for a more correct view of what the mechanics of the classic gravitational constant may be. The right hand vector nature of the electrogravitational coupling is also presented as a cross product action.

This paper is an updated version of one uploaded to the American Online file library in 1996 as NewG.exe. The paper is presented in both Mathcad 6.0 and Adobe PDF format by clicking on the related links below.

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UPDATED PAPER: (09-19-2001)
Expands on the original paper above by presenting the concept of a slight imbalance of the energy densities of the electric and magnetic quantum Poynting fields as causing the energy differential that yeilds the electrogravitational energy.

NewGCns1.pdf               NewGCns1.MCD

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