By Jerry E. Bayles
Dec. 10, 2005

Updated 04-28-2006: (Bottom of page):

When many seemingly disparate facts suddenly become related by a common thread of logic, it can be termed a eureka moment. I have had just such a moment concerning the Kowsky Frost experiment and the Edward Leedskalnin work in terms of my proposed negative proton energy, positive pressure wave proposal. (Hereafter termed the Pondermotive  Proton Pressure Wave, or PPPW.)

At the link it is reported that the experiment was carried out in a cold environment and further that the crystal being impinged by UHF radio frequency waves changed color to a milky cloudy appearance while at the same time becoming lighter. Further, the physical dimensions of the crystal increased and this was not reversible. Finally, the production of air currents around the crystal was noted and this led to the construction of a small motor utilizing the pressure from those air currents.

Three of the above effects tally with the results of Roschin and Godin’s Searl effect experiment verification at wherein the temperature dropped and the air pressure also decreased which attests to the pressure wave aspect of my theory concerning the proton having a negative energy but positive pressure wave outwards from the locus of the proton.  The third correlation of effects is the change of color of the crystal which is likened to the pinkish-blue corona color apparent in the field around the Searl effect machine. (This was attributed to the change in physical dimensions of the crystal but that may not be the entire cause according to my evaluation of the results.)

Edward Leedskalnin’s work of moving huge megaliths of coral stone reportedly utilized radio frequency waves as well as acoustic vibration of the stone to cause the stone to lose weight. In his workshop there is a large flywheel which has powerful magnets arranged around the perimeter which suggests the device was rotated to generate an alternating current for some purpose. The following quote is from the book, The Giza Power Plant by Christopher Dunn, copyright 1998, p. 118:  QUOTE: “There are spools of copper wire in his workshop, and two wrappings of copper wire hang from the nails in the wall. One was round copper and the other flat copper. In a narrative that visitors can hear from various recording stations around the compound, it is stated that at one time Leedskalnin had a grid of copper wire suspended in the air. Looking at the “photograph” again, (Note: Photograph  not included in book but is described by author.), one can see that there is a cable draped around the tripod and running down to the ground. Perhaps the arrangement of the tripods was more related to the suspension of his copper grid than to the suspension of block and tackle.”

Further is quoted: “If I were to try to replicate Leedskalnin’s feat, I would begin with the premise that he was using his flywheel to generate a single frequency tunable radio signal. The box at the top of the tripod would contain the receiver (there are several tuners in Leedskalnin’s workshop), and the cable coming from the box would be attached to a speaker that emitted sound to vibrate the coral rock at its resonant frequency. With the atoms in the coral vibrating (like those in an iron bar), I would then attempt to flip their magnetic poles--which are naturally in an attraction orientation with the Earth-- using an electromagnetic field.” UNQUOTE.

The action described above is based in part on resonant magnetic force field manipulation and it is my contention that it is the unshielded negative energy and positive pressure spin field of the proton that is of interest and is common to many seemingly unrelated tests.

The conclusion to be made from the above is obvious. Distorting the electron arrangement around the proton will allow more of the PPPW negative energy to escape from the atom. This energy can be utilized immediately to provide gravitational control as well as generation of electrical energy.  This is the key to solving the critical need for energy by developing nations and eliminates in the short term the requirement for fossil fuel burning or even nuclear energy.

Another experiment that correlates strongly with my PPPW theory is related to some of the cold fusion results wherein energy is released by the deuterium atom without a corresponding release of neutron flux. This suggests that the resulting energy release is not fusion, but rather the energy related to PPPW. Then I suggest that all experiments thus described should be monitored for the hyperfine hydrogen frequency of 1420 MHz or some multiple thereof.

In the above referenced book by Christopher Dunn it is strongly suggested that the Great Pyramid at Giza utilized a resonant mode of Hydrogen in an acoustic chamber which tapped into the fundamental energy fields of the Earth itself and further that the resulting energy harvested was applied to a crystal which amplified the basic Hydrogen hyperfine frequency electrically and acoustically to tremendous levels for delivery via wave guide to a ship in Earth orbit or perhaps to a series of ships that downloaded the energy to pyramids all over the world. He also suggested that the Great Pyramid was very much older than the 6000 years contemporary science has decreed it to be.

The following is a quote from my online paper which is titled “Particle Field Energy Down-Scaling Via A New Complex Fine Structure Constant” :

QUOTE: I propose that the proton field creation interfaces to the electron field creation dynamics for the atomic case of hydrogen as follows: When the electron radius becomes larger by a factor of 1/a, the proton radius becomes smaller by the product of a. Concurrently, the mass of the electron temporarily becomes smaller by a factor of the product of a, while the proton mass temporarily becomes larger by 1/a. Then when the mass of the electron becomes normal, the generated field mass velocity is reduced below the velocity of light by the product of a while the wavelength remains larger by 1/a. Concurrently, the proton mass returns to normal while the generated field mass wavelength remains smaller by the product of a insofar as the field is concerned but the field mass velocity increases above the velocity of light by the factor of 1/a. The proton field is a phase wave in the imaginary axis; the electron field is a group wave along the real axis. Since the proton field velocity is in the imaginary axis, the square of the velocity results in a negative energy. UNQUOTE.

I mentioned that there are tests on the Internet that support my proposal that there is a negative energy wave coming from the proton. A very good site is presented by Jean-Louis Naudin. His tests are very well presented. A device that demonstrates the negative proton wave is the lifter. The lifter presented on his page is typical of several on the Internet. The upper part is charged highly positive, 20 to 30 kV or more, and the bottom is negative. The device lifts in the opposite direction than expected if ion wind were the cause. See:

Also on the above site is a cold fusion demonstration that is well done. I mentioned above that the concept of a negative energy wave could explain the excess energy released for some cold fusion experiments and also explains the lack of neutron emission since it is not really fusion. It could be the negative energy pressure wave related to my theory above. See:

Of related interest is Moller's Atomic Hydrogen Generator which is also presented on Jean-Louis's Internet site. The test demonstrates energy extracted in excess of energy supplied and can also be explained by my negative energy pressure wave from the hydrogen atom proton. See:

Another Internet site that demonstrates the forward pull of the proton negative energy pressure wave belongs to Miklos Borbas. He insulates thin wire emitters with ping pong balls and mounts them on opposite ends of a central support bar so that the support and ping pong balls are free to rotate in the horizontal plane. The emitters are of course pointing in opposite directions. The thin wires are then supplied with a voltage in excess of 30 kV and the device moves in the direction that the positively charged emitters are pointing even while being totally insulated from the outside environment by the surrounding ping pong ball shells. When he removed the ping pong ball shells, the device rotated in the opposite direction due to the ion wind from the thin wire emitters. This test also tends to point to my theory of negative energy pressure wave being supplied by the proton, which of course has a positive charge and thus positive charge fields must be associated with the field of a proton. See:

These are only some of the correlating test results which support my PPPW theory of the proton negative energy flow but positive pressure effect as presented in my theory. I suspect there are more tests that will be done in the future that will further support my theory of free proton energy as being the key to the universe.

The foundation paper of my Proton Energy/Pressure wave theory is located at:

Jerry E. Bayles

The below addendum is a composite of recent emails concerning my theory which hopefully clarify the concept of free energy as proposed by my theory and the related effects.


Free Energy and Gravitational Generation

If we consider either the proton or electron in terms of the energy in the field related to the charge, we can conduct a thought experiment that leads us to the conclusion that the basic charges are fed by an infinite source of energy and can thus create an infinite amount of field energy in spite of the fixed mass energy being set to the limit of E=mc2.
Consider the case of either a single proton or electron placed into an infinite void of otherwise empty space devoid of any other matter or charge. Immediately, the charge-field energy begins to form around the electron or proton and layer upon layer of charge related field energy forms in layers equal to the Compton radius of the charge-particles. Each layer has the same energy as the last shell but of course less energy density per unit meter of surface area. The total energy in each shell overall however must be the same as for the preceding  shell. You can see that the total energy over an infinite amount of time approaches infinity.
This proves my postulate that the centers of the electron and proton are connected to what I call an infinite energy space. Further, mass-energy must therefore be standing waves since standing waves do not expand throughout space as charge fields do. Rather, there is a give and take of energy from the particle to energy space and back again in a form of resonance that establishes the stable mass energy that defines the character of the particle. For a stable atom of Hydrogen for example, the give and take between the electron positive energy field and the proton negative energy field defines the n1 zero energy balance point.
I have postulated that the proton field is going backwards in time and the electron field is going forward in time and thus a neutral atom is stable in the here and now. Either field may be tapped for useful energy according to the mechanism used and also time travel is theoretically possible if the fields can be isolated and set into acoustic resonance at the right frequencies.
Concerning the so called zero point energy source, we need a probe of energy at least equal to the energy represented by the virtual particle and thus it is not a viable method of energy production since the extraction method requires energy in excess of the minimum plank time that the virtual particle time represents.


I propose that the proton radiates a negative energy but positive pressure wave that is responsible for holding the electron at a point that exactly balances the electrostatic force between the proton and electron. Therefore the electron can be anywhere in the shell and thus satisfies the concept that it literally IS everywhere, smeared out in a probability wave around the proton. The simple construct of the Hydrogen and Helium atom allows for part of the pressure wave to escape and it works on other atoms to push them away. In more complex atoms, the pressure wave is much better shielded and thus the atoms tend to pack closer much more easily.

Therefore, Hydrogen is the most logical source for tapping into the negative energy that is available from the proton in limitless abundance over time. The energy is readily refreshed to the internal structure of the proton by what I call energy space. The electron by contrast represents positive energy. The balance of negative and positive energy keeps the atom in the here and now. Thus if only the proton negative energy wave were being considered relative to now, we would be traveling backwards in time. If only the electron's positive energy were being considered, then we would be moving forward in time. The balance of the two opposite energies in an atom constitutes the here and now.

Proton negative pressure waves can be tapped into by the Searl device as follows: I postulate that ferromagnetism arises by virtue of the fact that some of the electron's orientation's in the outer shell of the iron atom do not entirely cancel the outward bound proton negative energy pressure waves owing to the electron spin not being correct relative to cancellation of the negative spin energy of the proton. When this proton negative magnetic energy is 'ripped' away to exit the source, the refresh energy to the proton is in part supplied by the local energy available in the ambient temperature, causing a cooling of the air and machine parts. Further, the pressure wave moving outwards also causes a drop in the local air pressure since air molecules are pushed away from the machine by the escaping pressure wave. This also sets up zones of magnetic walls surrounding the machine as described in the Russian test of the Searl device.

I call the negative energy/pressure wave the Pondermotive Poynting Vector, or PPV.

My proof paper may be read at:

It explains in detail the above mechanics of my theory in detail which includes a mathematical proof based on present day empirical data and formulae that the Hydrogen atom is an energy source of microwave radiation that needs no external stimulation to radiate. Yet, it does. The paper also builds the structure of matter from the ground up utilizing a power series based on a real and imaginary form of the fine structure constant which in turn is built from the golden ratio and the natural spiral based on e, the natural number.


A study of the Searl generator and the Searl anti-gravity machine (both result from the same basic process of magnetic field ejection) has led me to think about chopping away the field from a steady state ferromagnetic field and what the result may be.

While it is true that there can be no open lines of magnetic flux, there is nothing to prevent us from stealing some magnetic field from a steady state field and launching it into the void never to return. In so doing, the magnetic field related to the atomic process that created it must be replenished from energy space.

This creates a negative energy void, which results in two very interesting occurrences. One is a cooling since heat is a measure of energy. The second is that time would flow backwards.

A coronal mass ejection on the sun is a good example of a huge magnetic field loop separating from the magnetic field of the sun's surface and rolling off into space. It is then a huge boloid of magnetic field energy containing ejection mass particles as well as closed loop rolling magnetic field energy.

The Faraday homopolar generator demonstrates that the magnetic field energy has a built in inertia that prevents it from moving quickly. Thus the field "sits still" while the copper disk moves through it to generate a voltage between the axis of rotation and the edge of the disk.

THE SECRET: Spin a magnet and provide a periodic opening near the magnet to gate the field through to a magnetic surface or just gate the magnetic field out into space. This utilizes the inertia of the field to tear part of it away from the main field. The loss of the field will create anti-gravity and at the same time induce energy from energy space causing the net system energy to move to the negative polarity. This is generally related to the proton magnetic field energy and is most easily achieved using ferromagnetic materials wherein some electrons in the outer orbitals do not cancel the net nuclear proton spin field. (Thus it is not the outer orbital electron spin that creates the ferromagnetic field but rather the lack of cancellation of the proton spin field.)

I am 99.9% sure of this analysis as being correct.

Look for a frequency near the hyperfine frequency of 1420 MHz in the net resulting field near the Searl-like magnetic spin action. Also, look for a chronometer to slow down indicating a loss of time. Both of these actions would occur most strongly at the center of a Searl-like device.

As a child, I remember observing a pulsing light in a nearby field growing brighter with each pulsation. I was with four or five other children and it was dark, almost total sunset. We ran away as fast as we could and while running, I heard a hissing sound and felt something shoot past my ear. I ducked down low and zigzagged since I thought I was being shot at. In retrospect, I think it was magnetic boloids of energy coming from the "saucer" rising into the air behind us. The other children also said they heard the same kind of whirring or whooshing sounds past their heads as they ran. This was in Dallesport, Washington, about 1953.

To Recap: The secret to limitless energy and anti-gravity is the proton negative energy spin field pressure wave.


Further, I recall that in true crop circle phenomena there sometimes appears to be a film of an oily substance on the bent over plants along with small iron particles embedded into the stalks of the same plants. Also, the plants showed evidence of being microwaved.  I was thinking that the hydrogen atom hyperfine frequency of 1420 MHz might be in the range of the microwave frequency. In the book by Gary Kinder, "Light Years", it was mentioned that the surface of a UFO craft appeared to show rolling waves of energy moving down the top side of the saucer surface. By causing the phase shift in the microwave electromagnetic energy of the Hydrogen hyperfine frequency, two important results may occur.

The first is an ability to build up a magnetic "mass" field to tremendous values in a very small volume by pulsing the field at the right time related to a 51.8 degree phase shift. The field would be enhanced and formed further by the oily film containing the iron particles on the surface of the craft. This would then be both an electromagnetic and acoustic wave of energy having the magnetic portion extremely intensified.

The second result is that a negative energy/pressure wave is created from the hydrogen hyperfine electromagnetic wave since it comes directly from the negative energy field of the proton. This negative energy pressure wave will cancel all positive field energy in the vicinity around the craft and the special high mass construct of the modified phase angle related to phase shifting the B and A field will remain in the area long after the craft is gone. This is also known to be a fundamental signature of a true crop circle. That is, a latent field of energy that causes a compass to spin erratically when brought into a crop circle. Also, the positive energy of batteries is drained out causing camcorders and other electronic devices to go dead. I suspect that chronometers may also be affected and lose time.

The source of the electromagnetic energy would be derived from a special vacume tube having a strong alpha particle emitter so that a pure isolated bunch of protons is built up in the insulated tube. After a short time the tube would be allowed to arc so as to relieve the electric field pressure which would then send a strong pulse of negative energy/pressure out into a vertical cylindrical wave guide for delivery to the outside surface of the ship.
This would tally with the story of a worker who tried to steal just such a tube from a UFO being studied and the "ping-ping" of the tube gave him away.

Dec. 14, 2005 Addendum:

According to my recent theory, the very heart of free energy and gravitational control is the proton negative energy/positive pressure flow coming from the unblocked or uncanceled portion of the proton field of the atom. In its fundamental character, it is determined to be associated with the nuclear magnetic spin of the proton.

The most simple form of the atom is the Hydrogen atom without any neutron. Since it is impossible for the electron to exactly shield the proton field, (owing to its field cannot cover the proton field perfectly due to the electron being at some location and not everywhere in zero time), some of the pressure wave must escape and this pressure wave is directly connected to the hyperfine frequency of 1420 MHz which is freely radiated and empirically determined to exist as a non stimulated freely radiated frequency associated with the Hydrogen atom.

The energy that escapes is replaced from what I call energy space and there is negative energy space and positive energy space, both effectively infinite in the amount of available energy. Our normal space is sandwiched in-between the positive and negative energy spaces and the proton and electron act as energy gates, or somewhat like ordinary transformers, to gate the needed energy into our normal and neutral space. Negative energy flows backwards in time and causes cooling while positive energy flows forward in time and causes heating. A perfect balance, achieved by the proton and electron, would create an atom that holds time in the here and now and is neither heating or cooling. However, the balance is not perfect and therefore negative energy escapes as a positive pressure wave and is
called the Hydrogen hyperfine radiation.

If we fill a microwave cavity with pressurized Hydrogen gas to a few atmospheres, we could stress the electron orbit to maximize the electron asymmetry around the proton and cause the negative energy output to increase according to the voltage generated by the developing resonant microwave field in the cavity. A cavity of 4.1559 inches is the necessary 1/2 wavelength dimension to resonate at 1420 MHz, which is the Hydrogen hyperfine frequency. There must be no air leaks in the cavity as no Oxygen can be tolerated since Hydrogen and Oxygen will explode if there is an electrical arc generated in the microwave cavity. A suitable "window" in the cavity on one side would allow for the energy wave to be brought out for conversion to power grid frequency. A simple cylindrical (doughnut shaped) cavity should suffice. This might be a cavity enclosed around the circumference but open to the wave energy in the center so that the diameter of the opening is equal to 4 of the quarter wavelengths divided by pi. The energy radiated would exit from the top and/or the bottom through suitable windows that holds in the Hydrogen gas but passes the wave energy unobstructed.

The amount of energy that can be generated from tapping into energy space utilizing the simple Hydrogen gas microwave cavity method outlined above is theoretically unlimited. Operation of this device should create a bluish-pinkish corona, cooling and even a loss of weight of the constituent parts of the experiment.

The fundamental reasoning is presented in detail by my foundation paper "Particle Field Energy Down-Scaling Via A New Complex Fine Structure Constant ", in particular, pp. 26-37.

You may read my foundation paper at:

The theory present in my above paper explains a great many results of electric and magnetic experiments where cooling, heating, loss or gain of weight and corona fields were developed in both rotating and pulsed magnetic experiments.

In summation, anything that deforms the electron orbit in the basic form of Hydrogen (or protons in general) should cause an increase in the amount of unshielded negative energy flowing outwards from the proton. This could be an acoustic wave, electromagnetic wave (such as Chris Harding's ultraviolet experiment on phosporesant material), a static electric field, a static magnetic field, or a combination of any or all of the aforementioned fields. If an acoustic wave is combined with any of the above fields, it may be important to have the respective wavelengths in whole integer multiples of each other.

I give you the keys to the universe. You will likely find that more of the truth is out there.

Jerry E. Bayles

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UPDATE 04-28-2006

Dear newelectrogravity group, et al:

Please see the following link for a very clear description of an inertial propulsion idea which may tie directly into my concept of the natural spiral based atomic level pondermotive pressure wave, (PPW). At the atomic level, the inertial force is random in direction and may explain jitter or vibration in matter above absolute zero degrees kelvin. However, If we align the natural spiral so that the PPW is pointing in a coherant manner in the same direction, a net force in that direction should occur. Ordinarily, random alignment would occur since the physics of probability require randomness in the fixing of either the position or momentum of a state of matter at the quantum level.

See my papers at:

Thus an idea in the macroscopic sense may occur quite naturally in the quantum realm concerning inertial propulsion via my conceptual pondermotive pressure wave.

Respectfully, Jerry E. Bayles