God is the greatest mathematician. In Genesis, it is said that He spoke creation into existence. Perhaps He may have spoken the following universal creation equation:

Any number that is raised to the zero power is equal to one. Zero is a number. Thus, the above equation creates an infinitely large number out of nothing.

Mathcad demonstrates the above equation in an actual calculation. A simple example is presented below (in a very limited sense) of the above equation:


The above calculation is limited to 2 raised to the 30th. power since my desktop computer is limited to 2 raised to the 31st power in its math processor. Theoretically, n could be an infinite number which would yield an infinite summation of the number one. Each "one" could be a basic particle and thus the Universe was created everywhere at once and not at a point. That is because "nothing" would become filled instantly so there would be no singular "bang" expanding into nothing since so-called "nothing" could no longer exist.

Further, "nothing" is timeless and dimensionless which means that when nothing becomes something, it is filled instantly in every possible direction in infinite creation space which herein is termed our own observable and non-observable real space.

Observation is only as good as the interpretation. The so-called red-shift has been interpreted as Doppler shift meaning that the universe is expanding in all directions. My personal interpretation is that entropy is degrading the energy in photons and all other matter due to the action of gravitation being in itself negative energy.

Finally, the biblical concept of God being omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent is also satisfied by the above creation equation.

Feb. 06, 2017

Jerry E. Bayles