Recent test data for the Four-Disk Four Pole Brushless Free Energy Generator is shown below:


Test Criteria:
Tests are run at 52.58 Hz, two coils in series, both aligned through the axis of common magnetic flux and surrounding the  rotating disk magnets while also at 90 degrees to the flux of the disk magnets. Two sets of coils total.

     Open circuit voltage:               5.53 volts rms.
      1/2 voltage load resistance:      46.5 ohms.       (= actual impedance of both series coils.)
     Shorted coils a.c. current:       96.0 mA a.c.     ( For 1 set of coils.)
     Total Power (rms):                  96.0 mA a.c. squared times 46.5 ohms times 2 sets of coils = 0.857 watts.

Coil Data:
      d.c. resistance:                        16.0 ohms.       (Both coils in series.)
      Inductive reactance XL:             43.66 ohms.               "        "      "      "
       Total Series Inductance L                0.129 Henry.              "        "      "      "
       Resonance Capacitor:                      67.5  microfarad.

D.C. Equivalent Load Tests Using Conventional D.C. Generator:
        Open circuit d.c. voltage:                7.82 volts d.c.
        1/2 voltage d.c. resistance:             42.7 ohms.            (= impedance of d.c. generator.)
Note: Series resistance to adjust current for the same d.c. power  total expended is equal to  33.7 ohms. This resistance is added to the d.c. generator impedance and then the resulting current of 106 mA d.c. is used to find that the total power is very close to the total a.c. power above.
        Total d.c. power:                              0.858 watts.

Equivalent Load Time Tests On D.C. Generator:
         Time before generator load:           19020 microseconds = 52.58 Hz.
         Time while generator loaded:         19650 microseconds = 50.89 Hz.
         Slow-down during load:                   -1.69 Hz.   (This amounts to a 3.2 % slow-down. )

A.C Coils Time Test:
         Time of rotation coils unshorted:    19020 microseconds = 52.58 Hz.
         Time of rotation coils shorted:        18900 microseconds = 52.91 Hz.
         Speed-up during load:                      + 0.33 Hz. (This amounts to a 0.624% speed-up.)

At some critical speed above the test rate of revolution, the shorted set of a.c. coils may induce enough energy from energy space to cause the motoring of the unit as a whole. This may cause a run away condition if the output shaft is not loaded into the d.c. generator portion to extract enough energy to balance things out. Having the disks mounted on magnetic bearings would facilitate many series units along the same shaft which would increase the output power in direct proportion to the number of generating units without adding frictional load to the assembly as a whole.

Jerry E. Bayles
Dec. 27, 2010