Iterated non-linear differential equations demonstrate bifurcation and fractal behavior. Natural systems that can be modeled by differential equations also become chaotic when the rate of change of the input energy rises above some critical value over time. This implies that gravity could become chaotic since it is modeled by differential equations. What this says about global warming remains to be seen but the mounting evidence so far suggests that the outcome could be catastrophic.

The below program illustrates two aspects of chaos, the Mandalbrot System Generator and Logistic Difference Equation Generator. The file CHAOS.EXE is a self extracting file that extracts to the actual run programs that are self executing (.EXE) files.These programs run real time and actually generate the data on the fly. It is suggested that the file CHAOS.EXE be downloaded to a directory of suitable name such as CHAOS for example and opening the file CHAOS.EXE will extract the actual programs related to the Mandalbrot and Logistic Difference Equation Generators into that directory.

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