Summary of Experimental Electrogravitational Tests

Date: 10-26-02
Last Updated: 11-17-02
This page is intended to show correlating results by actual experiments in and related to electrogravitation. By analyzing the various tests and looking for corresponding actions and results, the actual mechanics of gravitation and field propulsion may be more easily determined. More tests will be added as they are found to exist.
The combination of inductive and deductive reasoning presented on this page combined with the actual tests performed provides conclusive evidence for the actual nature of creation as well as the mechanics of gravitational force.--Jerry E. Bayles

1] The Kowsky-Frost Quartz Levitation Experiment, done in 1919:

This is an amazing experiment wherein a horizontal d. c. electric field was impressed across a small crystal while a vertically oriented a/c. radio frequency field was also impressed across the crystal. The result caused the crystal to expand while at the same time provided a force that lifted a 55 pound weight. I suspect the crystal lattice was stretched into permanent deformation caused by very elliptically shaped atomic shells. This is similar to the case for a dielectric that holds a charge long after the capacitor plates have been removed. How the shells and lattice are 'frozen' into a particular shape and not spring back after the forming potential is removed is worthy of careful investigation. Of further interest is that the experiment was conducted in a very cool environment which is evidenced by the top coat and hat the experimenter was wearing in the picture of the experiment. (See reference 3 below.)

Also see:, Science and Mystery, for an excellant analysis of the Kowsky-Frost experiment by Bill Donavan.

2] Edward Leedskalnin and the Coral Castle Creation Mystery:

This gentleman reportedly lifted massive blocks of stone (coral) weighing many tons and it appears he may have accomplished it with radio frequency waves and electric fields. One theory is that he used a combination of both sound and electrical resonance so that the combination of acoustical resonance with electrical resonance in quadrature form caused gravitational force vector perpendicular to the acoustic and electrical resonances. See also pp. 109-119 of "The Giza Powerplant" by Christopher Dunn, Bear & Company, 1998.

3] Further is the link to Matti Pitkanen's paper "About strange effects related to rotating magnetic systems:"

It is an Adobe Acrobat PDF file and needs the Adobe Acrobat Reader available from

In Matti's paper, his reference (5) is a paper titled "An Experimental Investigation of the Physical Effects in a Dynamic Magnetic System."

This is also relevant to previous papers which I have previously published at my website. This test provides strong correlation of my cross product approach to gravitational attraction as well as propulsion. This is a verification of the Searl effect. During the test, magnetic walls were established around the rotating magnets wherein the field walls were "cold to the human hand passing through them."

4] Further proof of my theory is provided by the following paper at:

The title is: "Torsion: Experimental investigation of new long-range actions."  Page 5 reports about cases where torsion spin fields have recorded their presence upon material objects and the effect remained long after the fields were removed. This is very much like the effects recorded by Colin Andrews in his book "Circular Evidence" wherein rotating fields in the earth directly below the crop circles cause a compass to rotate or swing back and forth. This indicates that the crop circle's dynamic magnetic fields were "recorded" by a torsion type of electrical and motional magnetic field.

5] John Hutchison Experiments with microwaves and strong electric fields:

I have a 15 minute video recording that was taped from a Discovery or Learning Channel presentation wherein John levitates (by use of crossed beam microwave signals) paint and other objects. This was taped about 2 to 3 years ago. He also has 'melded' together things like glass and metal as well as metal and wood without heat.  This is in line with my published theory that all matter in the universe is refreshed or synchronized by a common pulses of energy which are directly tied to the original creation event, the Big Bang. If matter is pulsed or phased away from the universal refresh pulse, it slips out of our local space into another indeterminate space and when (or if) it comes back, it can be inside some other material object. (See my conclusion remarks below concerning tornado events and straws sticking through hard fence posts.) Lightening has been reported to cause building walls to temporarily become clear to the outside during a near lightening strike.

6] The gyroscope tests as shown by the following links are quite astounding. First, I am astounded that they were not front page news. I am further astounded that the physics community seems to be unaware of these tests and how important they really are.

The above link provides a .jpg view of the paper "Anomalous Weight Reduction on a Gyroscope's Right Rotations around the Vertical Axis on the Earth" by Hideo Hayasaka and Sakae Takeuchi, Physical Review Letters, Volume 63, Number 25, 18 december, 1989, pp 2701-2704.

The graphics are slow to load and the files might be downloaded more quickly using File Transfer Protocol via the address above as  EGGYRO.htm plus the files Gyrotst1 through Gyrotst4.jpg. Your web browser must have ftp capability to use the file transfer protocol format. The files may also be downloaded from the files section of the newelectrogravity list at if you are signed up as a member.

If not a member of newelectrogravity, the sign-up is at:

The above paper is presented as reference only within this HTML page only and is not intended for mass distribution without the permission of the publisher/authors. The tests show asymmetry in gravitational force depending on the direction of rotation of three different gyroscopes under carefully controlled laboratory conditions. This implies that gravitational force is left handed with respect to macroscopic spinning mass as well as for the quantum case of spin.

The interaction force that causes weight loss is proportional to frequency of rotation and when viewed from the top of the gyroscope in right rotation, clockwise is the direction of spin. Firstly, the spin is in the same direction as most crop circles have been recorded and secondly, the spin would have to be tremendous compared to the test rotation rate to cause total weight loss of the gryoscopes.

I would like to perform these tests myself with the added feature of a strong electric field between the axis of rotation and the rim of the gyroscope. The gyroscope could be made of a strong electrically  insulating ceramic with a segmented metal rim and a metal axis of rotation. As the gyro spun, the charge-field between the axis and  metal segments on the rim would be expected to enhance the gravitational action and asymmetry of action according to my theory as previously presented.

7] Crop Circles Information Sites:

The above sites provide examples of rotational action which is most likely caused by force field stress as outlined in my theory.

Tornados have both rotating ionized particulate matter as well as strong vertical non-linear energy gradients. Flashes of lightening emanating from the vortex to the ground are common occurrences as well as very strong low pressure in the center of the tornado at ground level. Automobiles and other heavy objects have been observed to 'float' around the tornado axis of rotation as if they had little or no weight. Straw has been found sticking through fence posts as if the fence post was temporarily as soft as butter. I suggest that strong pulsating and rotating electrical/ magnetic fields may have altered the physical matter of the fence post so that it  was not in our normal space and when it returned to normal space it surrounded the straw much as the poor sailors were embedded in the Eldridge during the Philadelphia experiment.

It is most likely not tornados (and the like) that spontaneously generate gravitational action, but rather the demonstrated similar actions of tornados, hurricanes, waterspouts, orbital motions, planet spins, as well as spiral galaxys, that serve to reveal the the mechanics of gravitation. The basis of this action is quite likely at the sub-microscopic quantum realm and is transferred to the macroscopic realm by the sympathetic actions of many particles working in concert, all marching to the same quantum drummer.

The existence of low pressure atmospheric air pockets may be due to changes in the gravitational field caused by magnetic vortices in the earth's magnetic field which I have also proposed has a very direct connection to the force of gravity. Tornado action is therefore the extreme case of the mechanics of what causes air pockets and low pressure fronts. In essence, I propose that our weather is variable mainly because of variable gravitational field gradients which may have a direct link to the flowing magma and molten iron core of our planet. The sun also provides an important dynamic variable input for weather change but I suggest  it is secondary in importance, whereas  contemporary science makes it the prime mover for all of our weather dynamics.

Finally, I am in the process of doing my own electrogravitational experiments but am having many delays. I am hoping to build my experiment based on the non-linear (logarithmic) gradient of electric field from the center to the rim of a rotating mass or system of charged elements located at the rim of a rotating disk. The disk will be accelerated and decelerated to check for weight change. The cross-product of the rotation vector with the electric vector, both being logarithmic in gradient, is hoped to produce a vertical 90 degree non-linear energy (and thus force) vector.-- Jerry E. Bayles