The below files are the result of my analysis of Fran De Aquino's equations that show that his equation is not frequency dependent as he claimed it to be. Further, I develop solutions that strongly suggest that the action is not that of an antenna but more like a open ended transmission line yielding standing waves. These standing waves are what yields the mass reduction claimed in his test of January 27, 2000.

The file Explainig fre~ is a Adobe PDF file from Fran De Aquino wherein he admits that my analysis is correct. The file DeAquin2 is the analysis that proves the non-frequency dependence and file DeAquin3 is an analysis of his test modified to yield an output 7 orders of magnitude greater than his original test. This is done by assuming the copper elements to be surrounded by pure annealed iron instead of powdered iron.

I have to assume that the test was actually performed as claimed by Fran De Aquino since to my knowledge, no valid unbiased test has been reported that replicate and prove his reported results.        DeAquin2.pdf        DeAquin3.pdf            FreqDep1.pdf

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